The Undisputed

A New York-based Brooklyn-based
performance group and band that
was born in October of 2005 and
retired right after headlining the
Bowery Ballroom in October 2008
with a rousing spectable of a show.

More info:
There's a myspace page

The Final Show:

Photos and recording by Eric Townsend.

"Roll Your Windows Down" Live @ Bowery Ballroom

What Others Said:

"The local favorites in the Undisputed Heavyweights come armed with lounge-ready shtick,
but they are more than just tongue-in-cheek hipsters. Brandishing acoustic guitars and a
horn section, the Heavyweights deliver an accomplished rock/blues/soul hybrid, and their
endearingly uninhibited front man, Casey Shea, puts them right in the tradition of
vaudevillian showmanship." - The New Yorker

"The Undisputed Heavyweights show really is a thing of its own. It's an Vaudevillian
acoustic/rock/blues show, or something. Casey's stage persona is equal parts James Brown,
Elvis Presley, and Bono. He struts, he preens, his gestures wildly. Heck, the guy wears
sunglasses on stage and gets away with it. But then comes the surprise, etched in cursive
on the head of a pin. Listen closely, and the songs are beautifully heartfelt, and wrenching."
- Benjamin Wagner (

"Frank Sinatra meets the Doors in a way only Stevie Wonder can dream of." - AM New York

"...crazy stage antics mixed with beautiful lyrics and talent all around to back it up.
It's a heartfelt lounge act, if you can imagine such a thing." - Gothamist

"Officially my favorite band to see live in NYC." - Underrated Magazine

"The Undisputed Heavyweigts live up to their name." - New York Post

"Sweltering Blues and Soul with a sense of humor". - CMJ

The Music: